Thursday, 1 December 2016

December Plans

So December has finally rolled around, the last and the most exciting month of the year. My love for Christmas is well documented on here but I think I'm even more excited this year, maybe it's something to do with living in my first home that makes it feel even more special, but what ever it is, I'm beyond excited for the whole of this month. We have quite a packed calendar for this month so I thought I would share our plans for this festive month with you.

  1. I'm kicking off this month with a trip to Leeds Christmas market with my mum and her friend this coming Sunday. Josh graciously bowed out of this one as the combination of a busy city + lots of shopping was nearly giving him a heart attack!
  2. The second weekend of the month we're both joining my dad, stepmum and niece for Brodsworth Hall's Christmas Market. This one will be quieter so Josh agreed to come!
  3. A few days later, we're going to be stuffing our faces with a Toby Carvery Christmas meal alongside my mum, her friend and Josh's dad. 
  4. On the 16th we both finish work for Christmas (we work in schools, hooray for school holidays!) I'll be getting my Christmas nails done then joining my work friends for drinks. 
  5. That weekend we'll be finishing off getting the last few presents we need to buy and celebrating our 9th anniversary. We're also back off to Brodsworth Hall with my dad and stepmum, this time in the evening for their Enchanted Christmas Garden display which is going to be super pretty all lit up with Christmas lights.
  6. Josh and I are then off to Liverpool for two nights for our annual Christmas getaway and anniversary celebrations.
  7. When we get back from Liverpool we're having my mum over for a Christmas buffet and so we can swap presents.
  8. Then that just leaves us with Christmas Eve and Christmas day! 
We've got a pretty packed month but I can't wait, it's going to be so good. I'm also hoping to do some vlogging throughout this month and put all the footage together in a big December vlog at the end of the month. 

What are your plans for this festive month? 

Monday, 28 November 2016

I'm not Pinterest-worthy

I love Pinterest as much as the next person, don't get me wrong I can spend forever pinning pretty photo's of autumn leaves, manicure inspiration and beautiful interiors. But I have a real issue and that lies with the term "Pinterest-worthy". To me that implies perfection. Something so pretty and perfect it's deemed acceptable by a bunch of strangers. 

Is your home pinterest-worthy?
Is your outfit pinterest-worthy?
Is your entire life picture perfect enough to be accepted?

 Pinterst vs Real Life

Who actually gives a crap? Not me for one but on an almost daily basis I see articles and blog posts offering advice on how to make something or other Pinterest-worthy. Enough already. In a social media obsessed society there's already so much pressure to be perfect and only share the good things rather than real life. It's getting ridiculous. Surely there's more to life than being perfect? Be different, don't be a sheep. In a world of stark white walls, marble and copper, throw in some personality, screw the white walls and go for colour, screw the inspirational quote prints and go for something that reflects what you actually like. Don't ever feel like what you've created, what you've made, what you've worked for isn't worthy. Your individualism and personality is worth more than you'll ever know and worth more than a strangers approval. My home may not be 'pinterest-worthy' but it's mine, I worked hard for it and I've filled it with things I love, things that make me happy and things that reflect who I am.
 And there's not a cactus or anything marble in sight (there is a copper lamp though...)

Yes pictures of beautiful interiors are great to look at but if that's not your style that is totally O.K. 

Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Moving Out Vlogs: Bloopers

Throughout this year I made a series of vlogs to document our experience with buying our first home, you can find all three episodes over on my YouTube channel here. It was always my intention to finish the series with a vlog of our actual moving day but I think I seriously underestimated my ability's and it was just impossible to move all our stuff, sort out what seemed to be never ending boxes and get some of the furniture built. It was a busy and emotional day that ended up with us sat on camping chair with a Chinese takeaway, utterly exhausted. It had been a manic 2 weeks getting the house ready for moving day as it was so filming was the last thing on my mind. However something that came to light with each moving out vlog I edited was that we were building quite a lot of bloopers that often didn't make it into the final cut of the vlogs. So for the final vlog in the moving out series say hello to the bloopers reel! I have to say this was hand on heart one of my favourite videos to edit, I found the whole process of buying our first home very stressful so editing this brought back lots of memories and allowed me to see the lighter side to it. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Bucket List

Back at the end of July my 'goals before my 25th' page ended as I turned 25, I said I would be replacing that list with a bucket list, however I've only just got around to creating it. So here it is in its current form. 

1. Visit Florida again
2. Swim with dolphins
3. See another show in London
4. Visit New York
5. Have a cold holiday
6. See the Northern Lights in Finland
7. Visit the Disney parks around the world
8.Get married

9.  Attend International Beatle Week
10. Go snorkeling
11. Have a spa break
12. Go some where that's so dark I can see the Milky Way

13. Watch a sunset with Josh
14. Turn my idea into a successful business
15. See a waterfall
16. Make a snow angel
17. Toast marshmallows over a fire

18. Swim in the Blue Lagoon
19. Go on holiday at Christmas
20. Spend a birthday in a different country
21. Ride the Hulk rollercoaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure

22. Collect Disney pins from each of Disney World's parks
23. Meet Mickey Mouse
24. Stay in a cabin/cottage with a log fire
25. Visit a Christmas market in Germany
You can keep track of my Bucket List project here.