Friday, 5 August 2016

15 thoughts when buying your first house

1. Right, I'm putting an offer on a house, that's pretty grown up. Oh wow, am I a fully fledged adult now?
2. Oh shit I'm an adult, that's scary. That means bills and a whole load of responsibilities.
3. Mum! Dad! Can I just live with you guys forever, this stuff is scary and I don't know what I'm doing.
4. No seriously I've no idea about bills and mortgages and running a home. Some days I've all on dressing myself.
5. Right I've got this, I can do it!
6. Oooooh does this mean I get to go shopping?!
7. Hello cushions, throws, fairy lights. Come to mamma!
8. OK this is why I can't own a house because I'm blowing all my cash on shit when I really need useful things like a fridge freezer and a washing machine.
9. One more cushion won't hurt will it? 
10. Actually buying home stuff is way more fun than spending my money on clothes and shoes.
11. Can I have the keys yet?
12. Oh I can have the keys, I guess that means I'm a homeowner now then. What have I done? I can't do this! Please refer back to number 3. Mum, Dad you have no choice, I'm lodging at yours for the rest of my life.
13. I'm a homeowner! *happy dance* I'm soooo excited!!
14. I'm going to miss living at home, this is such a big change. I'm so emotional right now.
15. This is a new chapter in my life, I have a house that I can make my own and even though my emotions are up and down like a yoyo at the moment it's all going to be fine. Life is pretty good... Now where do I put all these cushions!

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Twenty Five

Last week I celebrated my 25th birthday. I didn't do too much during the day apart from open my presents and watch Impractical Jokers. It was nice to relax though especially as we knew we'd be super busy after my birthday with sorting our first home out.

In the evening I went out with Josh's family for a lovely Chinese buffet. I had a really good evening, though I may have drunk one too many glasses of wine. Oopps!

I was very lucky to receive some lovely presents, as you can see in the photo. Josh bought me a GoPro which I'm soooo happy about, it's going to make vlogging so much better. I also received some more Pops! to add to my collection, I have three others I got for my birthday that aren't in this photo because I was given them later. I now have Maximus from Tangled (pictured), Mrs Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. Josh also bought me a new Nomination bracelet charm, they're pretty tiny so you can't see it in the photo but it's a pink ribbon for Cancer Research in honour of me running the Race for Life a couple of weeks ago.
I was getting desperate from some new perfume as I've finished two bottles within the last month and a third bottle is running pretty low so my Dad bought me Chloe Love Story which smells beautiful.
Aside from giving me some money, my Mum bought me 3 Lush bath bombs. They're all ones I haven't tried out before so I'm excited to use those. I'm thinking of filming a Lush bath bomb video too.

In all I had a really relaxed day and a fun evening and I am so thankful for all my lovely presents that people bought me.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Goals before my 25th

 Since 2011 when I turned 20 there has been some form of list on my blog containing things I'd like to achieve before I'm 25, last year it had a small revamp before my 24th birthday as some of the stuff on there just didn't reflect who I was anymore. I kept all of the things I'd already achieved as obviously they'd been important to me at some point, but I changed a few things around to better suit me.

As I actually turn 25 tomorrow (eekk!) now seems the perfect time to take a look at the list and see how I got on over the past 5 years. It's also time to say goodbye to the list too and introduce something new.
  1. Get my own place with Josh - COMPLETED bought in February 2016
  2. Graduate from university - COMPLETED 18.11.13
  3. Go on holiday at least three more times with Josh - COMPLETED Wales 15.07.13 - 19.07.13 / Center Parcs 06.01.14 - 10.01.14 / Florida 07.08.15 - 21.08.15
  4. Get a pet cat
  5. Have more mini breaks - Liverpool (08.08.11 - 10.08.11) / Liverpool (13.8.12 - 15.8.12) / London (06.10.12 - 08.10.12) / Portsmouth (06.05.13 - 08.05.13) / Liverpool (25.06.13 - 27.06.13) / York (14.04.14 - 16.04.14) / Liverpool (30.07.14 - 01.0814) / Coventry and Birmingham (20.12.14 - 21.12.14) / London and Harry Potter Studio Tour (16.02.15 - 18.02.15) Birmingham and Liverpool (27.05.15 - 29.05.15) / Lincoln (30.03.16 - 01.04.16)
  6. See a show in London - Completed 06.10.12 saw Wicked!
  7. See Paul McCartney live again - Completed 20.12.11 then again on 27.05.15 and 28.05.15
  8. Take part in the Race for Life in memory of my Grandad - COMPLETED 17.07.16
  9. Get the tattoo Josh designed for me - Booked in for day after my 25th
  10. Get some work published - Completed 22.05.12
  11. Stop biting my nails - Completed around start of 2012
  12. Learn to cook/bake at least 10 homemade dishesCOMPLETED Shepherds Pie / Peanut Butter Energy Bites/ Oreo Surprise Cupcakes/ Skinny Shrimp Curry / Rolo cookies / Flapjack / Chocolate mousse / Ginger cupcakes / White chocolate and blackberry cheesecake/ Vegetable pasta bake
  13. Visit at least 10 new placesCOMPLETED Portsmouth / Southsea / Littlehampton / Stratford upon Avon / Porthmadog / Snowdon / Llangollen / Portmeirion / Watford / Orlando
  14. Let go of fear and just do things - In progress
  15. Do something that scares me - visited Yorkshire Scare Grounds for something physically scary / Went on the Tower of Terror in Hollywood Studios even though I'm petrified of heights
  16. Exercise more - COMPLETED started running to train for Race for Life 
As you can see out of the 16 goals on my list I've managed to cross off 15, not bad going I'd say! The one I haven't managed to cross off is 'get a pet cat' which kind of ties in with the first goal 'get my own place with Josh'. I feel these two things need explaining a little. Josh and I actually bought our first house back in February this year but due to more problems than I can actually count, we haven't got the keys yet. We should have actually completed around 2 months ago which means the goal of getting a cat would have been crossed off but sadly we have no idea when we're actually going to get the keys. 

Just a side note of the goal of getting a tattoo, I've crossed it off even though I don't have one yet because it's booked in and I'm actually having it done the day after my birthday so it's more or less been achieved! 

And the final goal to explain it number 14, letting go of fear and just doing things. This is in progress as there's still a few things I'd like to do but fear and nerves are getting in the way, I'm definitely working on this though and slowly making improvements.

In all I'm pretty pleased that I've achieved all of the list apart from one thing. I guess that's goodbye to the goals before 25 page on my blog now. In it's place I think I'm going to be creating a bucket list so expect to see a post about that in a few weeks.   

Monday, 25 July 2016

The Moving Out Vlogs: We're getting the keys! Oh wait...

2016 is finally the year that Josh and I will be moving in together so to document this exciting time I thought I would vlog the whole thing from starting to clear out my room and updating where we are in the process to finally getting into our own house. I thought it would be a great thing to look back on and have decided to take you lots along with me! Who knows how many episodes there will be but for now please enjoy episode 2 and please subscribe to my YouTube channel.